December 21, 2019


Edna Grumblatz of Lakeland, FL, claims her husband, Frank, has been abducted by Santa’s elves.

Mrs. Grumblatz stated, “We were on our way to the Koi Shop to buy some fish for our pond.  I stopped to ask for directions because I get all turned around on these roads.  Frank leaned out the window and asked someone which way to the Koi Shop.  All of a sudden, these elves appeared and pulled him out of the car!”

“All I heard them say was ‘this way to the Toy Shop’ as they scurried away with him.  For all I know, he could be up at the North Pole by now!”

Mrs. Grumblatz plans on spending the time while her husband is gone cooking and cleaning and getting ready for Christmas.  “I’m not worried.  I expect they’ll drop him down the chimney with all the rest of the gifts on Christmas Eve,” said Edna.  “If they can put up with him that long.”

More details as the story unfolds.