Everything has to have a name, right?  Some of these names are from the staff and keepers at Big Cat Rescue.  Others are from the people who watch the cats from BCR on the Explore.org site (see the Important Links page for links to all the various cameras).

Batsquirrel – Acrobatic squirrels on CAN’s entertainment committee

Big Hank – The new fire hose hammock in the Vacation Rotation

Bill/Ernie – The large white bird that appears in the Vacation Rotation or following the evening meds carts hoping for a treat

Bu – Zabu the Tigress

CamBu – Cameron the Lion and Zabu the Tigress

CAN – Critter Alert Network

Cat Burglar or Catnapper – Karma, who takes the kittens to/from the Humane Society and Kitten Cabana

CKM&R – Catz, Kats, Morekatz & A Rat – the attorneys hired by the cats to handle all their legal issues

Critter Alert Network – Combination spy/news agency that uses critter correspondents to report on the big cats and happenings around BCR

Dramanda – Amanda, the smallest of the Texas Tigers, but the most fierce guardian of her brothers, Andre and Arthur

Fuego, Montague & Robin – The turtles in the Vacation Rotation

Grape Nut – Squirrel expression for goodbye, similar to the human expression cheerio

HRL – Her Royal Lioness, Nikita

Meg the Keg – The keg in Vacation Rotation

Nut-tasha T. Squirrel – Founder of CAN

Nutz – The squirrel spies who spread gossip between the cats

Peg the Keg – The keg in Seth’s pond

Pokey – Dr. Justin Boorstein’s dart gun

Stinky Tigers – What Joseph called his frenemies, the Texas Tigers, and it stuck

T3 – The Texas Tigers, Andre, Arthur and Amanda

Tampageti – Another name for the Vacation Rotation

The Biscuits – The bobcat couple Mrs. Claws and Nabisco

Wilson – The red ball in the Vacation Rotation pond

Zabu – The most beautiful and perfect white tigress ever put on the face of this earth (I may be prejudiced)