The Story of Secret Agent Monty

Monty was a rat – literally.  Originally intended to teach a rehab bobcat (Mrs. Claws) how to search for wild prey, he somehow eluded her.  When Mrs. Claws was moved to a different cage in the rehab area, he remained behind undetected.

A new rehab bobcat arrived and was housed in Mrs. Claws’ old enclosure.  We watched the cameras on in fascination as the tiny new rehab bobcat (Spirit Feather) became friends with Monty!  They would chase each other around the cage, and even lie within feet of each other while sleeping.

While it was amusing to watch, it was not teaching Spirit Feather how to survive in the wild when she was ready to be released.  Because Monty was obviously a special rat to be able to survive two bobcats, it was decided that he would become a resident at Big Cat Rescue.  Well, that was easier said than done.  All attempts at catching Monty failed.  He proved quite adept at getting food out of the traps that were set for him without springing the trap.  Even more amazing, we watched Sprit Feather spring the traps shut for him, so that he could get the food through the side of the trap without being caught!

Eventually peanut butter was his downfall, and the trap sprung shut with him in it.  Monty now lives the high life in his own personal condo in an office at Big Cat Rescue, with his girlfriend Cinnamon.  Peanut butter is still his favorite treat!

09.10.16 – MI-6 Secret Agent Monty Eludes Capture

09.11.16 – Two Attempts Made on MI-6 Secret Agent Monty’s Life

09.12.16 – Walking Tree Sets Trap for MI-6 Secret Agent Monty

09.14.16 – MI-6 Secret Agent Monty Captured

09.14.16 – MI-6 Secret Agent Monty Update