courtesy of Dianna Standen and Matthew Barberio

Please give a round of appaws for the winners:

Best Film Editing – Keeper Afton Tasler:  Afton is taking home (or to her office for Narla to play with) the award for Best Film Editing.  Her videos on Big Cat Rescue’s YouTube account are pawsome!

Best Live Action Short Film – Keeper Karma:  For her appearances in the Kitten Cabana when she introduces us to the new foster kittens, then as the cat burglar when she steals them away to return them to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to be adopted into their fur-ever homes.

Best Animated Feature – The Texas Trio – Amanda, Arthur and Andre: The Texas Trio are always very animated; they rarely ever sit still and sometimes you just have to laugh at their antics.

Best Dual Role – Nabisco &Mrs. Claws and Cameron & Zabu:  We have a tie between CamBu and the Biscuits for this award, so they both take home a trophy.  These two purr-fect couples make us go “awww” every day.

Best Documentary Short Subject – The Angels in Blue:  The Interns may only be at the sanctuary for a short time, but they work so hard. Thank you for your pawsome work – you are all cat-tastic!

Best Documentary Feature – Dr. Justin Boorstein:  During veterinary procedures, Dr.  Justin does an awesome job as he cares for the cats that we all love so dearly.  He is even more pawsome as he caters to the viewers and explains what’s happening during the procedure.

Best Limited Series – The Rehab Bobcats:  They are only at the sanctuary for a limited period of time, but they always manage to steal our hearts!

Best Visual Effects – Manny the Jaguar:  Manny’s spots are his visual effects, and are just stunning!

Best Makeup and Hairstyling – Joseph the Lion:  Though people may pick on him for the mats in his mane, we love him for it and know that he is trying to change his looks.

Best Original Song – Reise the Cougar:  If you don’t know what we mean by that, then you need to watch Carole’s live walkabouts.  Reise is the chattiest Cougar at BCR, and we all just love her chirps.

Best Cinematography – Carole Baskin:  She does an amazing job getting us the purrfect view during her live walkabouts.

Best Costume Design –Zeus the Tiger:  When he first had his eye removal surgery, Cindy Arthur made a beautiful drawing of him as a pirate.

Best Actor in a Leading Role – Andy Tiger:  During the Wildcat Walkabout, during tours, and on the cam, Andy is always front and center waiting for the attention of his adoring fans.

Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Keeper Matt:  Matt receives this award for his amazing and inspiring love and care for Mac the Cougar, who chose Matt as his favorite keeper.  Thank you, Matt, for your amazing care and dedication.

Best Actress in a Leading Roll – Nikita Lioness:  She gets this award because, well, who else would?  This is Her Royal Lioness Nikita we are talking about, who rules her kingdom with an iron fist … uh, paw!

Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Keeper Rebecca:  For the tireless love, care, and support that she shows Zeus the Tiger.  Zeus chose Rebecca as his favorite keeper, and Rebecca chose Zeus as her favorite cat.  Thank you Rebecca for caring for that sweet boy.

Human Honorable Mention – Keeper Becky Baron Gagliardo:  Mama Becky has been a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue for 18 years.  Thank you, Mama Becky, for taking such great care of the cats we love so much.

Cat Honorable Mention – Hoover the Tiger:    Hoover arrived just under two years ago and has been through a lot – but through it all he has pressed on and is one of the most loved cats at the sanctuary.

Best Breakout Actor – Beacher the Savannah Cat:  He has rocketed in popularity around the sanctuary, and may be in competition with Reise the Cougar for being the most talkative cat.

Best Breakout Actress – Maya the Cougar:  Though she’s been here only a short time, she has become very popular among the fans and the volunteers.

Best Animated Short Film – Gabrielle the Tiger:  Her nickname is The Tiny Tiger.  (get it?)

Best Ensemble – Ares, Artemis, and Orion Cougars (“The Cubs”):  It seems like those three are always doing something wacky together!

Best Director – Jamie Veronica

Lifetime Achievement – Carole Baskin

Congratulations to all the cat-tastic winners!